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Academy Titles

Academicians are granted international status with the Academy membership (MWAMS) and fellowship (FWAMS) titles which give them all the privileges of international protocol and customs exemptions.

Academy Memberships

Although the membership of the Academy with the entitlement of MWAMS degree, conventionally requires passing the Academy's Grade III Exam, it is common to grant membership to most applicants.

Academy Fellowship

This is the highest Academy degree and granted to a limited number of Academy members. It is authorized, granted and issued by the Executive Council of the Academy.



WAMS, the World Academy of Medical Sciences, puts its principal aim on the task of establishing a universal medical medium and sphere in which the standards and practice of clinical and basic medical sciences can academically be followed, performed, improved and expanded through collaborative and fraternized work, duties, missions and activities.

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    What Our Members Say

    For the last 25 years our community has enriched their lives & professional experience.

    Susanna Uusmaa WAMS

    Susanna Uusmaa, MSBS

    Chairwoman of the National Council of Estonia

    ” We are very excited about the natural synergy of our digital health applications for mental health which will make for novel and transformational opportunities in a range of psychiatric disorders in WAMS’ prestigious network. “

    Ilie Vasiliev

    Dr. Ilie Vasiliev, MD

    First Senior Vice President

    “ As a fellow of the academy, my experience has been outstandingly rich. The Academy Members are fantastic individuals to collaborate with, providing with a strong networking forum and exchange of knowledge to push further advancements in medicine in translational efforts for a wider treatment spectrum. ”


    Dr. Valeri Shevchenko, MD

    Chairman of the WAMS Interntional Board of Biotechnology/Medical Technology

    “ It is a truly incredible experience to collaborate with our fellow members. I have built strong bonds with the Faculty Members, extending the reach of various disruptive medical projects throughout the globe for the betterment of mankind. WAMS is an extraordinary solidly fortified body of leaders in Medical Sciences that should be cherished by all. ”


    Alejandro De La Parra Solomon

    Chairman of the WAMS Mobile Health Division

    “ I want to give my full appreciation to WAMS Members, especially Dr. Karindas for the uncanny support and empowerment in the name of progress.  I have found a true home that has augmented my capacities both from a personal and professional way. I believe that the same situation will echo in new Members of the Academy, as WAMS keeps its pace in fulfilling its mission and feeding virtue to its motto ‘Dedication to Duty in a Mission for Mankind’. I am honored to collaborate with WAMS. ”


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