Dear Academy members and fellows,

As well known by all, Academy members and fellows are, so to speak, natural “Academy Speakers”. However, in order to take part in non-Academy-sponsored or non-Academy-participated local/regional/national/international meetings and events including congresses, conferences and panels, etc, as speakers with the title of “Academy Speaker”, Academy members and fellows must be listed in the official “Academy Speakers” List.

This is essential and necessary in regard to the Academy’s sharing or fully taking any liability or responsibility, etc, that may involve you as Academy members or fellows at such meetings and events. Being on the list also provides Academy members and fellows with the privilege of being assigned by the Academy to such meetings and events, primarily including congresses, conferences and panels, as official “Academy Speakers”.

If you are not on the WAMS’ “Academy Speakers” List, please simply let Alejandro De La Parra Solomon, the WAMS Chief Coordination Officer, include your name.

Best regards, Dr. M M. Karindas, MD

President, The World Academy of Medical Sciences

Originally shared on LinkedIn