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Dr. Ramesh Chouhan, MBBS, PhD, DSc, FICMCH

Dean of Faculty

Dr. Chouhan is the First Senior Vice President of WAMS, Dean of Faculty, Fellow of the Academy & Member of the WAMS Executive Council (WAMS Executive Board), and Academy Professor of Medicine at WAMS, ACE, Academy Professor of Oncology, Member of the International Board of Oncology.

Professor Dr. Thakur Ramesh Singh Chouhan is an eminent Oncologist, renowned Scientist, and healer. He is the First Senior Vice President and Dean, World Academy of Medical Sciences, Netherlands, Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Human Rights Commission. He was Former Dean, DIAS, and Professor, Experimental Medicine and Biotechnology, Dr.MGR University. His degrees – medical apart, are many including two Ph.Ds and a D.Sc. He also is a Fellow at the Indian Institute of Production Engineers and Past President and Fellow of Indian Institute of safety and Environment.

Dr. Chouhan was a student of JIPMER Pondicherry, he started his career as Research Officer & Co-Investigator, conducting studies on the Detection of Ovulation, Early Detection of Cancer using Bio Electrography. His research on Electrometric Studies on Cancer, Cell Stimulation through EMR, Cell Dedifferentiation and Guided Re-differentiation, Stem Cell Transformation from adult tissues etc, were all far ahead of his time.

He was the first to demonstrate invitro transformation of adult human epithelial cells to neurons and other tissues. He was the first to introduce the word "Gene Reprogramming" as early as 1986. His first Ph.D. was under Nobel Laureate Prof. Douglas Dean.

Honors came in plenty, starting in 1988 as Nominee for Young Scientist Award by The Indian National Science Academy.1989, Recipient of the “Diptimandala Anusandhana” Award of the Vishwa Yoga Samaj. 1991, Listed in ‘Who Is Who’, USA., Listed in ‘Who Is Who in Yoga and Biomedical Research’, Listed in ‘Directory of Complementary Medical Researchers’ Moscow. 1995, Recipient of the Order of International Fellowship – Cambridge, UK, 20th Century Achievement Award – ABI, USA, Listed in 500 leaders of Influence – USA (on permanent display at the US Library of congress, Washington, DC)

PATENTS: Three worldwide. He has Lectured in several universities and congresses worldwide, Spoke at the United Nations in Geneva and New York on several occasions,- the first when he was 27 years of age. Dr. Chouhan participated in medical rehabilitation of Chernobyl victims. He has professional affiliation to many national and international organisations worldwide.


  • Member, Advisory Committee, International Peace University of Potsdam & Berlin – Germany.
  • Secretary-General, International union for Medical and applied BioElectrography.
  • Member, Institutions Accreditation Committee and Member, Para Medical Examination Board – All India Council for Technical Education – Continuing education Programme. (AICTE-CEP) Bangalore, India.
  • Founder and Trustee, Himabindu Foundation.
  • Editorial Board Member International Journal on BioEnergy and Informatics, Univ. of St.Petersburg, Russia.
  • Hon. Advisor, Research Board of Advisors, ABI, USA.
  • Faculty / Resource person, Indian Society of Health Administrators, Bangalore, India

Scientific Advisor, ICPC, UK. He had completed many research projects for the ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research) ranging from cancer and AIDS, to women's health. Was responsible for retraining and functioning of 155 primary health centers in Tamil Nadu under intervention program, Govt of India. He conducted many training programs to medical personnel on disaster management during bioterrorist attacks.

He is currently guiding several students for their PhD, while also conducting studies on Electronic Nose and Nano Bio-sensor for Defense esp in Biological warfare. Dr. Chouhan was involved in monitoring for terrorism at the Beijing Olympics, 2008. He is working on introducing Terahertz scanning for very early detection and intra-operative screening of cancer as well as working on introduction of BioArtificial Liver support as an alternative/ maintenance in liver failure patients requiring liver transplants.

His love for humanity can be seen by the work done in the forests areas of North Karnataka in uplifting their health. He is affectionately and reverently called as “Guruji” by many followers in the spiritual path. He himself is a devotee of Mahavatar Babaji of Badrinath who is said to be of great age.

Hobbies: Plant Tissue Culture, Collector of Carnivorous Plants

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