Upcoming Events

The Inaugural UPCOS Congress and Assembly

25-26 April 2019, Amsterdam

Crucially important, in terms of opening the UPCOS System to the World while setting its launch publicly through the World mass media, the inaugural UPCOS congress of 25-26 April 2019 in Amsterdam bears paramount importance. While being a gathering for UPCOS presentations and introductions, it will also be the historic congress and assembly where the administrative and legislative members of the UPCOS’s structural units mainly including its Executive, General, and National Councils will be selected. 

Held quarterly, four times a year, the usual global UPCOS congresses present regular UPCOS programs in which paper presentations and discussions, innovative and visionary inputs in medicine, pharmacology, pharmacy and chemistry as well as suggested and recommended issues and matters in the same fields take place for the enrichment and progress of the international UPCOS system within a wider global public, governmental, scientific and academic dimensions. The 2 to 3-day regular UPCOS congresses, will also be providing, in particular, unique opportunities as hub venues for manufacturers, institutions, laboratories and research centers in pharmaceutical, medical and biomedical fields as well as universities for the presenting and promoting their new products and projects whose scientific and commercial stages of progression and development can officially be revealed and presented in sessions of update successively through consecutive UPCOS congresses.

The formal UPCOS assemblies are the UPCOS’s routine General Council meetings held quarterly.

At UPCOS assemblies, the UPCOS General Council prepares and votes on legislative, constitutional, structural and practical issues in the UPCOS System. The assemblies are the meetings where the UPCOS General Council also debates, votes and decides on the UPCOS’s administrative affairs and matters. The Council discusses and debates and votes on issues and matters in international pharma practice and industry in order to generate related norms and standards.

Although independent of the regular UPCOS congresses in terms of content, schedule and timetable, the two-day UPCOS assemblies may be arranged, from time to time, to take place within the same venue together with congress gatherings consecutively through 4 to 5-day venue programs to enable delegates to have a chance to attend both gatherings and take part in them with the convenience of functioning and scheduling practicality and efficiency.

Apart from UPCOS congresses and assemblies, UPCOS meetings of various programs or purposes, routine or non-routine, take place nationally, regionally, continentally or internationally. These meetings, like UPCOS assemblies, may coincide with UPCOS congresses from time to time.

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