Public UPCOS Check

(Will be activated in 2020)

By entering the UPCOS Code Number and details of a product in your possession, you can check the genuineness of the product and the authenticity of its UPCOS Number.

PLEASE NOTE: This checkpoint is for UPCOS-coded products ONLY. Non-UPCOS products, genuine or not, may not be checked here and the authenticity or validity of their trade or generic names, brands, contents, natures or features may not be assessed or accounted for within UPCOS responsibility or authority.



Welcome to the “UPCOS Checkpoint

Type in the product’s details as below and click on “CHECK” to validate.

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UPCOS Check Results


The “UPCOS Check” System comprehensively provides an UPCOS-coded product’s validity information with matching basic data displaying the result that shows the product as “GENUINE” or “NOT GENUINE” in case of which you are obliged to report the product to the system by clicking on “REPORT”

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“Calcipar” 100 Tablets
Calcium Tablet 500 mg
UPCOS Group: C
AllStar Pharma Ltd.



The result of your query is below:

If the result comes as “NOT GENUINE”,  you must report the product by clicking on the “REPORT” button which automatically appears along with the result.

Check Results:

“Calcipar” 100 Tablets
Calcium Tablet 500 mg

UPCOS Group: C
Manufacturer: AllStar Pharma Ltd.

Thank you for using the UPCOS Checkpoint !


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