The UPCOS System’s Usability

The UPCOS system is a conventional coding Pharma system for licensed prescription and non-prescription medicines and drugs, pharmaceutical and chemical health products and all other medical products as well as biomedical and medical devices and instruments, etc.

Giving an UPCOS ID (International Drug ID-IDID / International Pharma ID-IPID) to every single pharmaceutical and medical product, biomedicine products, natural medicine products, hygienic-cosmetic products as well as universal and veterinary products, provides all health professionals, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical and universal companies and corporations and all other medical and medicine-related institutions, organizations, associations, companies with a new, revolutionary universal identification coding that comprehensively informs all the parties involved in prescribing, using, dispensing, storing and transporting medicines, drugs, pharmaceutical and health products and all other medical products including medical devices, tools, appliances and instruments.

UPCOS ID Categories

There are two categories of UPCOS IDs which are variably assigned to certain UPCOS ID Groups:

  1. International Drug ID (IDID)
  2. International Pharma ID (IPID)

1. International Drug ID (IDID):

UPCOS’s International Drug IDs are assigned to:

  • (Group R) Prescription medicines: Prescription medicines including dentistry medicines , 
  • (O/C) Over-the-counter: Over-the-counter medicines and drugs.
  • (Group C)  Prescribable Over-the-counter medicines and drugs.

2. International Pharma ID (IPID):

UPCOS’s International Pharma IDs are assigned to:

  • (Group H) Hospital medicines and medications, vaccines, radiologic medicines, agents and materials.
  • (Group N) Natural medicine products, natural health products, probiotics and vitamins & minerals products.
  • (Group L) laboratory/bio-laboratory medicines, products and materials, medical, biomedical and laboratory test mediums and materials.
  • (Group A) Medical-surgical and laboratory instruments, equipment, tools, apparatus, devices, appliances and machines 
  • (Group P) hygienic-cosmetic-personal care products and materials; hygienic health products.
  • (Group T) Toxic-chemical-agricultural drugs and products.
  • (Group V) Veterinary Drugs and products.


There are nine UPCOS ID Groups (UPCOS Groups) symbolized with spheres of variable colors as detailed below:

Group R [01]-IDID

Prescription Medicines (including Dentistry Medicines).

Group H [02]-IPID

Hospital Medicines and Medications; Vaccines; Radiologic Medicines, Agents and Materials.

Group C [03]-IDID

Over-the-Counter (O/C) Medicines and Drugs

Group C [04]-IDID

Prescribable Over-the-Counter (O/C) Medicines and Drugs.

Group N [05]-IPID

Natural Medicine Products; Natural Health Products; Probiotics; Vitamins & Mineral Products.

Group L [06]-IPID

Laboratory/Bio-Laboratory Medicines, Products and Materials; Medical, Biomedical and Laboratory Test Mediums and Materials.

Group A [07]-IPID

Medical-Surgical and Laboratory Instruments, Equipment, Tools, Apparatus, Devices, Appliances and Machines.

Group P [08]-IPID

Hygienic-Cosmetic-Personal Care Products and Materials; Hygienic Health Products.

Group T [09]-IPID

Toxic-Chemical-Agricultural Drugs and Products.

Group V [10]-IPID

Veterinary Drugs and Products.

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