Universal Public Pharma Coding System

and its

“International Pharma Monitoring and Observation Network” 

Life on our beautiful planet today is dominated by trade whose effects are amply lived by us in our daily life. Those effects very often influence or even change directions of trade flows and sometimes with some unfavorable consequences.

We see such consequences also on the healthcare industry’s regnant trade side.

Well, since there is a harmonious series of systems that keep healthcare and trade mutually hand in hand, we shouldn’t really complain. But only up to the point that the systems get misused or mismanaged.

In today’s World we live in, we medical professionals, along with our colleagues in the global pharma industry, dedicate ourselves to our patients and to the people at large across the World. We virtually live with our patients the same life together sharing the joint elements of living and wellbeing facing challenges and conforming together to the values of human life we cherish.

With them, we also jointly encounter the problems of healthcare systems and problems on the pharma front in particular where the results affect not only patients and health professionals, but also health authorities and governments.    

Why the UPCOS System is Needed

The UPCOS System is the World’s first ever and only official public international pharma coding system that the public understands well, comprehending its meaning and benefits availing itself of it. Publically identifying medications, drugs and all other medical, pharma and chemical products giving them individual identities providing practicality and ease in their usage, the UPCOS System provides the public with safety, security, trust, and reliability in the medical world and pharma industry.

With the UPCOS Coding System:


will be gratified pleasurably having such a unique, safe, secure and reliable pharma coding system as UPCOS, thereby keeping the health, sanity and well-being of their public which they have the duty and obligation to do while also retrieving the colossal amounts of the revenues they lose in the pharma industry.


will be more comfortable and satisfied having the pleasure of writing safer prescriptions with certainty and confidence, making their patients feel that they are in safe, secure, reliable and trustworthy hands.


will be glorified and privileged, for the first time, to have the hold of a conventional coding system for prescription and non-prescription medicines and drugs, pharmaceutical and health products and all other medical products, devices and instruments as well as biomedical and biotechnological products through UPCOS which globally offers the system to all healthcare professionals, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, institutions, organizations and all other healthcare providers.


will be seeing the medicines’ UPCOS codes and symbols  on the boxes, packages, bottles and tubes, etc, and they then will know what  kinds, sorts, groups or categories of medicines, medical, pharmaceutical and health products and all other medical products, devices and instruments as well as biomedical and biotechnological products they are using, and they will know that they will always be available there for them with complete safety, security, reliability and trust. Their knowing for sure that they are using secure, safe and reliable medicines will reflect as their trust in their doctors, pharmacists and health providers.


and their associates and allied corporations will be happy and contented to have their products’ UPCOS codes on them with the approval hologram of the WAMS, the World Academy of Medical Sciences. They will secure not only their trade and profit but also the public who depend on the medicines and medical products they provide them with. Using the UPCOS System will be, in particular, more crucial for generic drugs manufacturers to use since the public across the world has a constant tendency to believe that generic drugs are not as safe or reliable as their “brand” versions. 

Although generic drugs are certainly as safe and reliable as their “brand” counterparts, the public belief of weak confidence about them has so far been very hard to change, and patients are still strictly urging their physicians to prescribe them brand medicines rather than generic ones. With the UPCOS Codes and the WAMS’ approval hologram on their packages, bottles, tubes, boxes, and inserts, etc., generic medicines will be giving full confidence and comfort-in-mind to the public who will no longer be having any worries about the medicines’ safety or reliability.


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Implementary, and obligatory where implementary, the international UPCOS system is the first ever and only conventional public pharma coding system for licensed prescription and non-prescription medicines and drugs, pharmaceutical and chemical health products and all other medical products as well as medical, biomedical and biotechnological devices and instruments, etc. Giving an UPCOS ID to every single pharmaceutical and medical product, biomedicine products, natural medicine products, hygienic-cosmetic products as well as veterinary products, provides all health professionals, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical and universal companies and corporations and all medical and medicine-related  private and governmental agencies, institutions, organizations, associations with a new, revolutionary universal identification coding system that comprehensively…


To acquire the no-fee UPCOS IDs, pharma manufacturers must formally make requests applying separately and individually for each of their products. There are six stages of the acquirement:

The UPCOS Governing Body

The “UPCOS World Council” is UPCOS’s governing body. The Council, which will be working in cooperation and accordance with international administrative and authoritative governing bodies, organizations and institutions including EU/EC, UN, UNESCO, WHO, etc., will be consisting of, as members, the delegates from the leading major pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical and medical institutions, organizations and associations, etc, as well as related governmental bodies of the countries that share the system and listed in the UPCOS Registry.

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