The WAMS, the World Academy of Medical Sciences, globally promotes and administers scientific, academic and practical advancement in clinical and research medicine. In its worldwide network, it multidimensionally supports practical and academic standards of World Medicine in health care, research and education and help them maintain their quality and efficiency at their highest levels.

WAMS’ academic work, duties and activities are governed by the Academy Faculty. The Faculty functions at the Academy headquarters in eleven European capitals, seven cities in the United States and fourteen major cities of the rest of the world. In each member country of the Academy, there is an Academy Faculty branch which functions in cooperation with the WAMS’ central headquarters. Also in cooperation with the member country’s National Council of the Academy, each WAMS Faculty branch works and functions within an Academy member medical school/faculty/college which is assigned by the Academy to work as a member with the Academy. This collaborative work is based on mutually collaborative and coefficient work in clinical services, research and education and training at academic level nationally and internationally.

The Academy’s research work and activities are governed by the “International Research Council”(IMREC) which one of the Academy’s major institutions that administers the Academy’s global integral research network which embraces multidimensional functions ranging from international research and research position exchanges to adopting and financing prospective and ongoing research work, studies, projects and activities.

At the Academy, the Education and Training Board (ETB), as a main part of the Academy Faculty, takes a vital constituent place having the duty of implementing practical and academic education, training and development at graduate and postgraduate levels. As a unique international cradle of scientific resource and expertise for the World’s medical community at every level of medical science, the Academy uses full postgraduate programs at the Academy Faculty in its academic year between September and July.