WAMS Corporate Membership Program

Experience the benefits of our prominent corporate membership program

Corporate Memberships offer various benefits to corporations and enterprises that are looking for an extended academic service for a large volume of employees.


Academicians are granted international status with the Academy membership titles which give them all the privileges of international protocol and customs exemptions.


Academy membership primarily require professional credentials and qualifications, and certain applicants are required to pass professional proficiency exams.


Our academic members are provided with up-to-date Medical Sciences education for a vanguardist vision to bring into their practice or research activities.


Academy degrees follow strict medical competency aimed to comply with international validation standards in Continued Medical Education.

WAMS Corporate Membership Card

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WAMS’s scientific, institutional and corporate partners mutually have scientific professional and academical relations as well as institutional and corporate cooperation with the Academy.

In cooperation with its scientific, institutional and corporate partners, the Academy upkeep, maintain and advance the science of medicine on all fronts with scientific and technological development and innovation, and share the opportunities to provide the use of scientific, technological and practical facilities for the good of mankind.

Scientific, institutional and corporate WAMS membership is granted to Academy’s medical, scientific, institutional and corporate partners which include universities, medical schools and colleges, hospitals, clinics, research institutions and Laboratories, medical technology and biotechnology companies and institutions, medical associations and organizations, and institutions and organizations of special status (humanitarian agencies , organizations, institutions, funds and foundations), etc.

Scientific, institutional and Corporate WAMS membership is granted in various forms:

1. Through Academy Members and Fellows:

A Group of at least five Academy fellows/members from the same medical/scientific institution or corporation automatically acquires the right of recommending their institution/corporation for “Scientific/Institutional/Corporate WAMS Membership”.

2. Through Institutional or Corporate References:

Any existing scientific, institutional or corporate WAMS member or a group of existing scientific, institutional corporate WAMS members may recommend a fellow institution or corporation for “Institutional WAMS Membership” or ”Corporate WAMS Membership” respectively.

3. By Direct Application or Request:

Medical/scientific institutions or corporations may directly apply for/request institutional or corporate WAMS membership, in which case, if membership is granted, most or all of their leading medical staff automatically get granted Academy Fellowship/Membership.

4. As the Academy’s Own Offer:

Very selectively, the Academy may infrequently offer its existing or potential scientific/business partners or associates “Institutional WAMS Membership” or ”Corporate WAMS Membership”.

Through its highly specialized units, the Academy makes every effort to make all the peoples of the World have the maximal benefits of today’s medicine. To keep the values and standards of international medicine up-to-date and uniformly effective, it gives a great deal of attention and consideration to the improvement and effectiveness of the art and science of medicine in practice along with medical research, medical industry and medical technology. In that respect, the Academy keeps close influential and interactive relations with its scientific institutional and corporate partners cooperating, working and conferring with them. It supports them and helps the progress of their work with guidance, approval, endorsement and ratification.

Selected hospitals, clinics, medical institutions and associations, medical research laboratories, companies and corporations, pharmaceutical laboratories, companies and corporations, medical technology and biotechnology companies, corporations and institutions, medical technology and biotechnology suppliers and traders and all other medical, biomedical and medicine-related institutions, enterprises, companies and corporations that cooperate, work with or work for the Academy are granted the Academy’s institutional or corporate WAMS membership and titled as the academy’s institutional/corporate scientific partners.

The Academy has dozens of institutional and corporate scientific partners which, in their fields, are major leading medical international institutions and companies, and encourages all other medical institutions, companies and enterprises to join the Academy’s scientific institutional/corporate partnership which provides a great deal of global benefits and privileges.