WAMS promotes and administers global scientific and practical advancement in clinical and research medicine. In its international network, administering its “Integrated International Corporate Medical System”, it keeps the highest practical, scientific and academic standards of medical sciences in healthcare, education and research coefficiently in a global collaborative ethical manner.

WAMS makes every endeavor to achieve the best healthcare for all the peoples of the world without exception or prejudice with the highest up-to-date standards of medicine.

For all the Academy patients across the World, the Academy’s healthcare network is a unique host for a full range of health services that practically and academically provide integrated comprehensive medical care facilities and services. In the system, our patients are unprecedentedly are able to enter the databases of the network and review and work out their medical care arrangements from home; they are able to easily arrange their own appointments for medical visits in and outside their towns, cities, regions or countries. Entering the system, wherever they are,  stating their complaints and queries on the database, they get provided with the best and most suitable medical professionals, clinics and hospitals upon the requested times and dates.

The Academy administers, supports and promotes its health services management of wide-range options with its traditional and conventional orderly, practical, conforming fee-for-service healthcare insurance arrangements which are base don two basic elements under the title of “WAMS Integral Patient Management System” (IPM System):

  1. Maintaining the Quality:  Capacity, Excellence, Productivity and Performance (CEPP)  
  2. Maintaining the Practicality: Functionality, Accessibility, Comprehensiveness and Effectiveness (FACE)


The Academy’s unique “Integral Patient Management” (IPM) embraces patients in a dynamically functional, accessible, preferential , selective and fully comprehensive system (IPM System). Patients are taken care of by the Academy physicians , scientists and professionals of every fields of medicine in a multi-dimensionally combined way in which all the aspects of patients’ conditions,  requirements and necessities are dealt with by the most suitable specialists specifically, jointly and cooperatively in a smooth and harmonized manner. For the management of a child patient, for instance, who has a genetical disease which is affecting his heart and liver, a genetics specialist, a pediatrican, a pediatric cardiologist and a Hepatologist of the Academy get concurringly mobilized and coefficiently deal with the case. Unlike standard systems, this unprecedented and matchless method of the Academy’s time-effective patient management is easy to be set and accomplished in days, and there will be no misled, mistreated or maltreated patients in it. 

The Academy’s IPM System allows both its member and non-member patients, nationally and internationally, in and outside their countries, to have the best medical care in the way they wish and choose with utmost freedom of choice and preference in a wide range of options within the best and most updated medical standards. It gives its patients the freedom, rights and opportunity to arrange their own appointments in their own personal healthcare Insurance services both nationally and internationally. They can easily and freely arrange their appointments for medical examinations, (Academic medical examination), check-ups (Academic check-ups), consultations (Academy Consultation), and Academy patient meetings and seminars, etc, with their physicians and other medical professionals of Academy’s own or affiliated  hospitals, clinics and institutions.


In today’s World, the more knowledgeable and conscious patient with a serious medical condition never acts without a second or even a third opinion. The Academy is proud to say that the most sought after consultation as the best and most trustworthy “Second Opinion” is the WAMS’ Academy Consultation which is performed by the World’s best medical professionals at the Academy.

In the Academy’s IPM System, there are various levels of Academy Consultation:

1.  Consultation for Diagnosis (CD) [Diagnostic Consultation (DC]:
    a. Internal CD (CD-I)
    b. External CD (CD-E)

2.  Consultation for Treatment (CT) [Patient Management Consultation (PMC)]:
    a. Internal CD (CD-I)
    b. External CD (CD-E)

3.  Consultation for Report (CR)
a. Internal Report (IR)
   b. External Independent Report (CR-E)
   c. Conferential External Independent Report (CR-E/C)
   d. Internal Case Report (CR-IC)
   e. External Independent Case Report (CR-EC)
   f.  Conferential External Independent Case Report (CR-EC/C)


4.  Consultation for Advice (Advisory Consultation)(CA)
    a. Advice for Patient per Request (Informative Consultation) (CA-P)
         I. Internal (CA-PI)
         II. External (CA-PE)
         III. Home (CA-PH)

    b. Formal Scientific Advice (ScientificAdvisory Consultation)(CA-S)
         I. Internal (CA-SI)
         II. External (CA-SE)
         III. Conferential (CA-SC)

In the IPM System, the First physician (Patient’s principal doctor who holds the patient’s file) to see a member or non-member Academy patient either decides to handle the case primarily, or refers the patient to another doctor of a more fitting/appropriate field in which the patient can be handled more appropriately.

At the Academy’s member and affiliated hospitals and clinics that practice the Academy’s Healthcare System, mortality rates has been decreasing considerably. This is because of the fact that the academy patients get the best medical care while becoming much more knowledgeable and conscious, more informed and aware of their conditions, and they reach their doctors, clinics and hospitals in time and in manageable and treatable stages.