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    How to Start a Clinic How to Market Your Boutique Clinic

    An oft-overlooked aspect of opening a smaller hotel is your product distribution, or how you market yourself. Because you don’t have that existing brand recognition of the larger chains, you need to get the word out there about your clinic. By defining your clinic as a brand of one and communicating your standards in the same way that larger clinics do, your customers will gain a level of comfort and familiarity with your clinic. Telling a unique story behind the location or history of the clinic can put you over the top in terms of occupancy and success.

    The fundamental of marketing for a Clinic is that you must have a nice and beautiful clinic website.

    The good thing for many start-ups is that the Internet has made this marketing aspect considerably easier. You can now put your boutique clinic on a level playing field with some of the larger branded properties thanks to the benefits of medical travel search engines like Global Medical Tourism, ArchiMedic, Medical Tourism Association and more as a great way to raise your brand recognition.

    No matter how you break it down, it comes down to your return on investment as a boutique clinic. But with no franchise fees and the opportunity to operate with your own customer service ideas and brand characteristics, boutique clinics offer the chance to succeed as an independent clinic.

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